About Us

Mont Bay is the home of the auto experts, and you can rely on their expertise to help you find the right wheels, tyres and accessories regardless of what you drive. Australia’s car scene is as diverse as it is unique, and www.montbay.com.au is working to provide you with tips, tricks and advice that are perfectly suited to Australia’s driving conditions and climate. When you want to customize your car but don’t know where to start, Mont Bay can help.

If you need to know how to choose wheels or tyres for your 4WD or car, you can refer to our tutorial articles. There, you can learn how to choose rims that are the right width, height and offset for your vehicle. This information can be invaluable when you buy wheels online, and having it can keep you from being “taken for a ride” when you go to a local wheel and tyre shop.

Finding the right automotive accessories can be tricky because there are so many choices out there. However, with help from your mates at Mont Bay, you can end up with just the parts you need.