An Amateur’s Guidebook – How to Land the Best Wheels and Tyres for Your Ride

Wheels and tyres are an integral part of your vehicle, whether you accept their importance or not! Typical wheels are made up of steel or aluminium, although custom alloys are also in vogue! While the wheels do not need to be changed frequently, car owners are required to change the tyres periodically.

However, you might have to change the wheels under special circumstances such as an accident or when you’re simply bored of the stock rims. However, before you do that, you’re required to understand the nomenclature addressing the specific dimensions of the stock wheels and tyres.

Here is a list of the few important factors that you must keep in mind, before settling for a new pair of rims and tyres for your ride.



The width of the stock tyres and the aftermarket product will be marked on the sidewall in Xxx/xx/Rxx format. For example, if a tyre is marked 205/55/R15, it means that the tyre has 205mm of actual contact point with the surface. 55 refers to the aspect ratio. For example, 55 imply that the height is 55% of the width of the tyre. R refers to radical construction of the tyre while the 15 signifies that the tyre is designed to fit wheels featuring a 15 inch diameter.


Tread Wear Life:

Rubber compounds play a massive role in determining the expected life cycle of a tyre. For example, a soft rubber compound has a shorter life span than a hard rubber compound. However, soft rubber compound tyres offer superior traction on most surfaces as compared to hard rubber, which is prone to hydroplaning!


Speed Rating:

The Speed Rating of a tyre is an interesting phenomenon where you are required to match your vehicle’s top speed to the Speed Rating of the tyre. While some tyres are designed not to blow up around 55MPH, some others can withstand up to 75 MPH! Speed Rating is usually meant for tyres that are expected to withstand the toughest of situations, such as hauling massive loads or driving off road. Manufacturers are just beginning to include Speed Rating on performance tyres!


It is recommended that you opt for a reputed dealership/retailer while shopping for wheels and tyres online. If you’re looking online, try to opt for the most popular shopping destinations, although, be sure to check out a few competing stores to catch the best deals! Happy hunting!